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  • VDO Instruments

    VDO Instruments

    While our latest instruments offer revolutionary technologies such as GPS speed senders and plug-and-play solutions, these innovations are just a part of a VDO technology evolution that reaches back over 100 years.
    From the first “Eddy current” speedometer invented in 1902 by Otto Schulze, to our latest Viewline gauge series, VDO has been at the leading edge of instrumentation technology and one of the industry’s most trusted instrument brands. Gauges for Boats (Vehicle Controls, LLC) has one of the largest inventories of VDO in North American.

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    Datcon brand standard products include a wide range of gauges, tachometers, speedometers, "smart" instruments, instrument clusters, senders, sensors, switches and accessories. Products have been designed for "ruggedized" use in a variety of applications including high-moisture and high shock and vibration environments. Custom products can be designed for your specific application.

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  • Stewart Warner

    Stewart Warner

    For over 95 years Stewart Warner has been supplying the automotive and Original Equipment Manufacturer markets with vehicle monitoring systems and instrumentation. Stewart Warner continuously updates their product lines to meet the fast moving pace of today's markets. Besides custom products for larger OEM's Stewart Warner provides several standard product lines suitable for OEM's as well as individuals.

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  • Fischer Automotive Systems

    Fischer Automotive Systems


    Fischer offers Cupholders, CD storage (Cassette tape too), and high quality holders for Cell Phones, Umbrellas, Sunglasses, and Credit Cards. Standard in most German cars; now used in American cars and by quality-conscious builders of  Boats. We have them in stock for immediate shipment.

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  • VeeThree


    Veethree has acquired Teleflex Gauges in Sarasota, FL. They have teamed up with Classic Instruments to provide quality Instrument kits at an affordable price. Classic Instruments is known for its world class custom instrumentation and providing innovative engineering as well as new product development to the Hot Rod Industry for the past 33 years.

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