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Thank you - to everyone who visited our booth at the Jefferson Car Show. We look forward to seeing everyone this fall at the next show!

Fischer Automotive Systems

  VEHICLE CONTROLS, LLC has been the exclusive warehouse in North America for Fischer Automotive Products for the RV, Boating, and Trucking Industries since 1990. In 1998 we officially became your exclusive source for the Automotive Aftermarket as well.     

Umbrella Holder
  Many well known manufacturers of Motor Homes, Vans, Boats, and Trucks rely on us for Fischer CD Holders, Cupholders, Eye Glasses Holders, Cell Phone Holders, Easy Load Cargo System, and the Umbrella Holder. These accessories make life for their owners easier and much more enjoyable. They are the true "luxury conveniences" that are so often missing in other vehicles. Contact us to find out how you can get them for your customers.    

Cupholder Holder
  We need more dealers and retail outlets to stock the Fischer Aftermarket Products. Fischer is already well known in the German cars and soon you will see even more in the US made cars. And...there are Universal Mounting designs that will fit in most any car, truck, boat, or tractor. Contact us to become a wholesale customer of Fischer Automotive Systems.    

Media Holder
  We have some Cassette Holders that can be installed for $1/cassette box or as little at $4-5 per vehicle. These are all automotive quality plastics and are new, never used. We bought all we could so that you can have Fischer Products at low prices. Quantities are limited though so look them over and order what you want now.    

Phone Holder
  All of our Fischer Products are warranted for 3 years. If you like to sell Top Quality Automotive Products at Fair Prices, you will love Fischer Automotive Systems.    

Sunglass Holder
  FISCHER AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS has opened a Detroit office to work directly with the car manufacturers so that future American designed cars will enjoy the fischer Automotive Systems Cassette Holders, CD Holders, and Cup & Holder as European designed cars do now. If your company would like a special design for your vehicle or a certain aftermarket application, let us know.     

Credit Card Holder

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