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VDO AcquaLink marine gauges

VDO AcquaLink Marine Gauges         

VDO AcquaLink is an advanced, CANbus-based marine monitoring system that can be easily installed on both new and old vessels - even pre-NMEA boats with older analog engines. VDO AcquaLink incorporates sensors, displays, gauges and ‘black boxes’ that tie all engine, navigation, and operation inputs into a combined network. The network can display any and all data on the Main Bridge/Helm, Fly Bridge and Aft Docking Station, using multifunction TFT liquid-crystal displays and VDO AcquaLink Marine Gauges.

  • New benchmark for simplicity and affordability: 

What makes VDO AcquaLink a real breakthrough is the affordability, simplicity and ease of installation the system offers. While the ability to tie together different analog and digital systems has previously been available to boat builders and retrofitters, the expense and complexity has made it prohibitive for all but the most ambitious projects. Previous generations of monitoring systems integration often required multiple converters and were limited as to the inputs they could accept. Through the high volume manufacturing capabilities of Continental (supplier of the VDO brand), VDO AcquaLink makes multiple-protocol monitoring integration affordable for most every budget.

  • Modular design, easy installation, flexible configuration: 

AcquaLink features a modular design that allows for easy expansion in the future. Boat owners can add additional displays, sensors or marine gauges at a later date with plug-n-play simplicity. The system accepts NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183 and J1939 inputs as well as analog inputs. The inputs are routed to the VDO AcquaLink Nav Box that serves as the ‘brain’ of the system. The Nav Box can then drive the TFT display monitor(s) and the VDO AcquaLink premium gauges anywhere on the vessel.

  • Limitless installation scenarios:

Example 1: An older vessel being refitted. An older vessel being refitted will retain the old analog (pre electronic ignition) engine and fuel tank sensors/senders, but wants modern navigation sensors. The AcquaLink Nav Box has the unique ability to accept both the Navigation Sensor inputs, whether they’re VDO or not, (e.g. NMEA 2000 and/or NMEA 0183) as well as the old analog engine sensor, fuel tank and water tank sensor inputs. The inputs are converted into a single output that the AcquaLink Marine Gauges or TFT's can display.

Example 2: Outfitting a new vessel with an NMEA 2000 network. When outfitting a new vessel with a complete NMEA 2000 network (whether it’s a VDO network or not), AcquaLink Marine Gauges can be connected directly to the network, without requiring the AcquaLink Nav Box.

Example 3: Digital marine gauges and displays with an older engine retained. During the refitting of an older vessel, modern digital marine gauges and displays but the older engines will be retained. The boat owner doesn't have a need for any navigation equipment. The AcquaLink Engine Box provides and even lower-cost alternative to the Nav Box. The Engine Box can convert all the old engine sensors into the necessary data and drive the AcquaLink displays and gauges.

Example 4: An older vessel is going through a complete refit including new NMEA 2000 engines and a new range of sensors. The AcquaLink Nav Box will take all NMEA engine data as well as inputs from GPS, wind sensor, fluxgate compass, pitch & roll sensor, yaw sensor, barometric pressure sensor, air temperature sensor and more, and it will display all the data through the AcquaLink gauges and displays.