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Cockpit International

Cockpit International

An ideal choice for hard working commercial vessels! Cockpit International features zinc plated housings and painted brass bezels that are corrosion resistant and rugged enough to withstand the demands of extreme daily use. With 12V and 24V versions, as well as choices of M4 stud or .250” spade connections, Cockpit International can be used in a wide range of applications. Available metric scale dials allow both domestic and export installations.

Cockpit International is an expansion of the Cockpit Style and can be used in a panel with Cockpit Style.

  • The bezels are "peaked black"
  • Dial faces are "black with white lettering"
  • The pointers are "fire red/orange"


All instruments are lit with light bulbs installed from the rear of the instrument and shining around the edge of the dialface. Edgelit lighting- light bulb is installed from rear of instrument and is reflected around the solid dialface to the light the dial and pointer.

  • Connectors are 1/4 blade.
  • "International Symbols" label each instrument and "metric scales" appear under the "US Scales".
  • Connectors are studs with washers and nuts
Cockpit International is aimed at industrial applications that require "worldwide understanding" and it fits well with Cockpit in a panel.


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