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Thank you - to everyone who visited our booth at the Jefferson Car Show. We look forward to seeing everyone this fall at the next show!

New / Emerging Products

  • Allentare Marine Gauges from VDO


    Allentare marine gauges provide an ideal, cost effective solution for new boats or drop-in replacement gauge for older boats.

    Allentare gauges are designed to work with most commonly found marine senders and wiring harnesses used today.

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  • VDO Reed Switch Fuel Sender

    VDO Reed Switch Fuel Sender

    We are pleased to announce!
    We have added Reed Switch senders to our extensive line of VDO fuel senders, featuring stainless steel immersion tubes, SAE 5 hole mounting flange with gasket, and .250 in. insulated spade connectors.

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  • VDO Pressure Switches

    VDO Pressure Switches

    Expanded Portfolio!
    We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our line of VDO pressure switches to now include 2PSI and 10PSI versions.

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  • Camera System VDO

    VDO Camera System

    Introducing the VDO Camera System now available in white! Get all of the same benefits and functionality of the original VDO Camera system in a new, stunning white housing. This housing is UV protected and blends perfectly with your car or boat.

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  • VDO Centrobase

    VDO Centrobase 500 Instrument Cluster

    The new compact instrument cluster is ideal for builds with limited dashboard space or dashboards made from ABS plastic or fiberglass.The new Centrobase 500 Instrument Cluster features an extra large, centrally-placed 120 MPH speedometer, as well as a 7,000 RPM tachometer, along with temperature and fuel gauges and 14 warning lights. The entire cluster connects to the vehicle with a central plug-n-play connector.

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