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More than 100 years and counting ... Stewart Warner just keeps getting better. Since 1905, Stewart Warner has been the brand name for automotive gauges and instruments you can count on ... a true American icon. From Model Ts to muscle cars to farm tractors to buses, Stewart Warner-brand automotive gauges keep on working, year after year. Whether it's our stylishly retro Wings™ line of gauges and meters, or our classic white graphics on black face Standard & Standard Plus™ line of gauges, we have the right automotive gauges for almost every customer.

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Comprehensive offering of matching electrical and mechanical gauges for a variety of applications including Marine Deluxe and Metric Deluxe.

  • Classic easy-to-read white graphics on black face dials with white pointers
  • Patented light ring for night-time illumination
  • Low profile, bright, stainless steel bezel and metal cases
  • Marine Deluxe features brass housing, bracket, and hardware to ensure corrosion resistance. Low profile, brass bezel with chrome finish
  • Metric Deluxe available with metric face dials
  • Matching 5" speedometer, tachometer and cluster available
  • Also available in 2 5/8" diameter cases



Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty™ mechanical gauges feature Bourdon tube mechanisms while electric gauges feature Bi-Torque™ mechanisms.

  • Bold white graphics on black face dials with white pointers
  • Black raised bezel with distinctive brushed bright rim
  • Patented light ring for better night-time readibility
  • Matching 5" speedometers and tachometers available


Heavy Duty Plus  

Heavy Duty Plus

Heavy Duty Plus™ Instruments are the same as Heavy Duty™ Instruments but have

  • ISO symbols on face dials that indicate function being monitored
  • High visibility green tinted night-time illumination
  • Attractive low profile black bezel
  • Easy-to-read green and white graphics on black with white pointers
  • Available in English and dual scale applications


Stewart Warner Power Series Gauges
Power Series

Power Series

Gauges, Speedometers & Tachometers


Electrical & mechanical instruments with authentic ’60s styling – a refinement of the original SW Custom-Deluxe product line used on Big 3 muscle cars.


Available with burgundy, titanium or blue/gray accent colors, Power Series features silver on black graphics with a unique silver insert in the dial, specially designed white & black pointer, chrome SAE step bezel and 12-volt lamps. Units are sold in 5- or 6-gauge kits with senders – or individually.






Classic styling from the 40's and 50's combined with the quality and reliability of modern Stewart Warner products.

  • Distinct SW Wings logo, bright chrome bezel, teardrop pointer with crescent moon tail, convex glass lens
  • Available in either white background with black-on-white graphics or the reverse, silver or cream colored dials, stainless steel or gold-plated bezels, and glass teardrop pointer
  • Available for automotive and truck applications


Stewart Warner Green Line Gauges
Green Line

Green Line

Gauges, Speedometers & Tachometers


You can’t get more genuine than our original Custom Deluxe™ Green Line™ gauges! Original 1960s dial artwork was used to recreate our most requested line: polished stainless steel stepped bezel, brushed silver center, mechanical gauges have red pointers with silver hub, ammeters even feature the original crescent pointer slot! Gauges are available in 2-1/6” and 2-5/8”, speedos and tachs in 3-3/8” with full dial sweep.


Products are perfect for muscle cars, and they are the originals. Shelby GTS and Yenkos had them – So can you!



Standard & Standard Plus

Standard & Standard Plus

Standard and Standard plus™ Instruments feature

  • Classic white graphics on black face dial with white pointer
  • Flat bright stainless steel bezel
  • Popular diaphragm mechanism for proven performance in 2 1/32" diameter case
  • Standard gauges in sealed case and non-illuminated
  • Standard Plus available in single, double, and triple gauge mounting panel with external lighting with clamshell packaging


Stewart Warner Three-In-One Gauges
Green Line


3 gauges in each instrument.


Includes two instruments each 4.375" diameter, electrical

  • Speedometer (0-140 MPH), Oil Pressure (0-100 PSI), Water Temp (100-250 °F)
  • Tachometer (0 - 8,000 RPM), Fuel Level (E-F), Voltmeter (10-18 VDC)





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