VDO Camera Systems

Camera Systems

VDO Camera Systems

The VDO camera systems greatly increase vehicle safety and visibility. They can be used to eliminate blinds spots around the vehicle and improve overall maneuverability, whether the vehicle is on the road, parking or being delivered to a show or jamboree.

VDO Camera Systems are offered with either 5.6’ or 7” color monitors (single and quad screen display) with cameras that offer normal / mirror modes, 100% waterproof housing, vibration resistance, and infrared LEDs for night vision. The VDO Camera Systems also meet all OEM specifications.

The overall program includes Mini Cameras for parking and rear-view backup, cameras offering enhanced visibility both inside and outside the vehicle, 120° View and Side View Cameras for better visibility and maneuvering and offered with optional audio and Infrared LEDs for enhanced nighttime viewing along with 16 ft. and 33 ft. extension cables.

Several camera kit models are also available, including 5.6” Display Monitor with Mini Camera with parking guidelines, 7” Display Monitor with Mini Camera with parking guidelines, and a 7” Quad Display Monitor with two Side Mount Cameras and one Mini Camera with parking guidelines.

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