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VDO Viewline marine gauges

Viewline Gauges

In creating the new VDO Viewline series, our engineers started with a clean sheet of paper to create an instrument line like no other in today's market.

Viewline begins with a choice of dial face colors of Onyx, Ivory or Sterling. Next we added a choice of rounded or triangular bezel profiles, each available in white, black or chrome finish.

VDO engineers didn’t stop with just a pretty face. Fully sealed dual lens, lifetime LED lighting and warning indicators assure that Viewline can easily withstand even open cab environments. 



VDO patented stepper motors and resistive movements ensure accuracy, while testing to 25 G continuous vibration and 100 G shock assure long life reliability. 

IP67 water resistance means, that no matter how wet it gets, our gauges keep on working. Anti-corrosion materials mean no oxidation or rust will develop – Viewline will continue to work and look like new – just what you’d expect from a VDO instrument.